Are The Illuminati Real?

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Are The Illuminati Real
Are The Illuminati Real

So you now know how to join the Illuminati, and you have decided that you want to join the Illuminati. That could be one of the best decisions that you have ever made when it comes to your own emancipation. Through this decision, you may be changing not just your life and that of your immediate family, but also the generations to come. Now, let’s look at one of the questions that keep coming up: Are the Illuminati real? 

Have you ever wondered whether the Illuminati are real? This article attempts to provide an answer to the question, are the Illuminati real by following the history of the secret society

The history of the Illuminati 

To understand whether the Illuminati is real, you will need to understand the history of the secret society. The origins of the Illuminati date back to the 18th Century Bavaria

The time when the ideas started the Illuminati as we know it today came about as opposed to the influence the royal aristocracy and the church (mainly the Roman Catholic) had on the masses at that time. A law professor who went by the name Adam Weishaupt decided that the only way to change the status quo was to bring about a revolution in thinking. This became the beginning of the real Illuminati. 

Even though the noble families and governments of that era depicted Weishaupt as an enemy of the state, the ideas he was promoting are the ones that we take for granted today.  

What the Illuminati is not

The question, what is the Illuminati is often followed by descriptions of an evil society that worships the devil. However, this is not true and is a result of people who do not understand the secret society. Even the Illuminati founder, Weishaupt, kept telling those who cared to listen that he was not against religion and the ruling class per se.

So, if he was not against religion, where did he believe that the problem was? According to Weishaupt, what he was against is the way religion was being imposed and practiced. In his writings, the founding father of the Illuminati, his idea was to create a society free from the religious system’s shackles.

Who are the Illuminati?

To achieve the ideas that Weishaupt had in mind required that there was a need to create a society that was free from the dictates of the ruling class of that era and the church. This was a job that called for men and women who we willing to think differently. 

So, in May 1776, the first meeting of the Illuminati took place in a secluded place. At that meeting, five men established a secret society. This meeting also agreed on the rules which would regulate the organization.

During the first meeting, it was also agreed that any new members that would be allowed to join the organization would have to be scrutinized by this group. Wealth was one of the requirements for becoming a member of the Illuminati in that era.

So, are the Illuminati real?

Now, I am sure that you know the answer to the question of whether the there are real. These were the origins of the Illuminati as we know it today.   

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