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New World Order
New World Order

What comes into your mind when you hear the words, the new world order? For many, these are scary words because we have been told that a group wants to topple the current order and put a new way of doing things in its place. These conspiracy theorists tell us that this group that wants to destabilize the words is the Illuminati.

What is the new world order, and is it a good thing? This article provides the answer to this question. It shows how organizations like the Illuminati have been formed to help the common man to emancipate themselves.  

I have decided to write this article to dispel and debunk the lie that these conspiracy theorists are spreading. While it is true that the Illuminati is behind the whole idea of the new world order and has been for years, the truth is that the way the concept has been understood is wrong.

Why people are scared of the new world order

To give you an idea of why people are afraid of the new world order, let me start by telling you what these people believe it represents.

The people who accuse the Illuminati of being behind the new world order accuse the secret society of wanting to take over the world’s governance eventually. They say that this group wants to rule the world using totalitarian methods. According to the theories, the Illuminati will dismantle the current states and replace them with one universal government that is not democratically elected.

The people who present the new world order a bad thing want us to believe that the Illuminati wants to use secret methods that use lies and propaganda to take over the world and turn it into a totalitarian state. All this is said by people who want to paint a bad image of the Illuminati so that people do not join the organization. 

Well, what you need to know is that all this is not true. The whole idea of the new world order means something totally different.  

What is the new world order? 

So, if the new world order is not what we are told, what is it? The reality of the new world order can be understood by looking at why the founding fathers of the Illuminati started the organization.

The Illuminati was started to change the world in the first place and create a new world order. The founders of the organization wanted to create a society of individuals who can think for themselves. These individuals would not be bound by the shackles of religions and the ruling elite. They wanted to create the ruling elite out of the ordinary masses.   

Is the new world order a good thing? 

If you look at the true meaning of the new world order, you will realize that it is a good thing. It is a way of thinking that recognizes that we are all born equal. This is a way of thinking that if individuals are allowed to think independently, they will be able to emancipate themselves from poverty. These are the ideals that the Illuminati has been fighting forever since it was established.

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