Order Of Nine Angles

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Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles

There is an essential question regarding whether the Illuminati secret society should be equated to evil societies like the Oder of the Nine Angels. Let’s start by answering the question. The truth is that the Illuminati and the Order of the Nine Angels are not the same things, and I will explain why.

What is the Order of the Nine Angels? 

I think that for us to understand the difference between secret organizations like the Illuminate and the Order of Nine Angels, one is a noble cause, and the other is an evils organization, respectively. We have said a lot about the Illuminati. So, we want to look at the Order of the Nine Angels now. 

Since this is only a short article that contains limited information, you may want to read the order of nine angles book. 

What are the origins? 

Scholars have generally found it a challenge to determine where the order of the nine angels began. This is because this society conducts its business in secrecy. According to the order of the nine angels, its values are based on the pre-Christian pagan traditions. These are traditions that survived a period when Britain was becoming a Christian nation. 

But how were the order of the nine traditions passed on? This happened throughout the middle ages when people met in small groups or what could be called the temples. These temples could be found in areas along the border between Wales and England. The name of the place is Welsh Marches. Each temple was led by a grand mistress or a grandmaster. 

Order of nine angles symbol

One of the most common things about the order of the nine angles is the symbol. This is the symbol where the part of the name that speaks about the nine angles is. The emblem is usually made and sold in gold. It is a way through which individuals who belong to this secret society identify each other.

Order of nine angles initiation

Most people associate the order of the nine angles with Satanism. Human sacrifice is also seen by many as part of the rituals of society. The people who follow this society are said to sometimes involve in behavior that is immoral and evil. Thus, they support anarchy and various religious and political extremism. Members of the group have been associated with radicalism and neo-Nazism.

For anyone to belong to this group, they have to go through a period of initiation. This is done to ensure that who becomes a member abides by and lives according to the Code of Kindred Honour. This also teaches the new members about how human sacrifice is encouraged by the secret society.   

Order of nine angles chants 

The magic that forms part of the order of the nine angles is performing the aeonic magick. The first performance includes the rites and chants with the intent of opening a gateway. The second involves the playing of a board game known as the Star Game. 

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